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Handley Enterprises Ltd is a business that focuses on getting the basics right. Having been involved in the agricultural sector for many years I have noticed a lack of clarity in the marketplace. This lack of clarity does make it difficult to make business decisions and in reality run successful and sustainable farm businesses more

Pasture Management

Measuring pasture with a plate meter is the key to better pasture management. Three points come to mind when mentioning pasture management


Handley Enterprises Ltd shop carries a range of products that will aid in improving overall farm efficiency. Products include
Plate Meters
Heat Detection Aids
Safety Devices

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Recommended Products


Boviflag Heat Detection Patch

The BOViFLAG™ heat detection aid helps to identify estrus in cows. The product features a scratch-off surface on top of a brightly coloured self-adhesive layer

EC09 Hex plate paddock Reduced

Plate Meters

Handley Enterprises carries a full range of Plate Meters. to choose the best Plate Meter for your needs go to our choosing a plate meter page or contact us on 01725 552389.

ATV Lifeguard

ATV Lifeguard

Latest addition to our range is the ATV Lifeguard. The ATV Lifeguard has gained a CE Mark and is now available in the UK

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