About Us

Handley Enterprises Ltd is a business that focuses on getting the basics right by providing management tools advice to improve farm profitability. Having been involved in the agricultural sector for many years I have noticed a lack of clarity in the marketplace. This lack of clarity does make it difficult to make business decisions and in reality run successful and sustainable farm businesses.

How many times have you heard you can’t do that?
How many times have you been given a one-sided view?
How many times after taking advice you have you been more confused than when you started?

Clarity is key and that is where Handley Enterprises fits in.

On Breeding our knowledge is based around the Block Calving herds milking from forage. Selecting the right breeding program for your herd is key. Heat detection and herd health are important as any cow not getting into calf within the calving pattern is costly to the farm business

Grazing is not a one size fits all and in reality any program has to suit the system whether it be spring Block, Autumn Block or in the case of herds supplying some supermarkets, getting cows out on pasture. It is crucial in the case of these suppliers a program is set up to utilise grass to fit the requirements

Pasture management can be applied to any farm whether Autumn, Spring or grazing for short periods and the key to good pasture management is to measure grass with a Jenquip Plate Meter or Agriworks Plate Meter

If you do not measure, you cannot manage. Measuring does need to be applied to all sectors of the business including cow performance.