Pasture App

The Pasture App connects via Bluetooth to RPM trailer and the EC20 plate meter making it easy to record paddock Android Pasture Appinformation and upload to Agrinet

 Multiple farm selection- unlimited

200 paddock storage using alpha numeric. Paddocks can be downloaded from Agrinet to the  Pasture App. If you have a walk order on Agrinet the App will import in walk order.

Live viewing of reports

Multiple data management and export options csv for standard App. Expanded csv and kml

Non encrypted data available Exports via Wi-Fi or Mobile data Sends kml (G APP) and csv files. Sample csv file

Integrated with Agrinet via API upload

Displays individual, average reading, available cover and height

Installs on Android and IOS

 Multiple farm selection- unlimited

Time saving as data is all in the one place. No need to carry a pen and paper.

A cut down version is now available to use with the Manual, EC05, EC09 and EC10 models