Rapid Plate Meter

The Rapid Plate Meter range are ideal for the larger dairy farm. Connects via Bluetooth making it easy to record paddock information and upload to Agrinet

  • Model No. RPM 20: Has BLE Bluetooth to connect trailer with Android app, avoiding use of cable. Allows flexibility of use and download options, to other third parties and stakeholders.
  • BLE-Trailer: Available as trailer-only function, where BLE Bluetooth apps from other parties, or other consols are able to communicate with the trailer. May require a separate cable switch to raise and lower the trailer which is available from Jenquip. Open protocols and a development kit is available. A small charge may apply.
  • The RPM20 uses an Android App which communicates via Bluetooth with the trailer and the App
    • Stores multiple farms
    • up to 200 paddocks per farm
    • Downloads you farm from Agrinet in walk order
    • Uploads you walk to Agrinet
    • Shares files

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